Psycho-Store (all rights reserved)

Who are we? What do we do?

Psycho-Store was founded in 2008.


The idea is to develop clothing and accessories sale on the web and "on the road".

Ideas are not enough, they must be actualized, right? So Psycho-Store goes on line and, in the meanwhile, starts collaborating with the most important metal, goth, rock, alternative and body-art European events agencies, with the aim of developing its work in alternative and a little bit crazy environments...taking a walk on the psycho-side.


Over the years, Psycho-Store had the possibility to be well-known all around Europe, being part of the most important "Open Air" and "Indoor" festivals, Tattoo Conventions and other exclusive events, private and not.

And so on...from Slovenia to England from Belgium to Austria, from France to Czech Republic, passing through The Netherlands and Germany...,Psycho-Store staff has traveled thousands miles, 'cause, you know..."It's a long way to the top if you wanna Rock 'N' Roll"

Psycho-Store “fits” non-conformist people and those who have an attitude and know how to use it!